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From ‘Food as an Image’ (a more textile material based project) sprung the conceptual and experimental project called ‘Velbekomme’ meaning Bon appétit in Danish.

The inspiration, the research and the stories behind are all the same but after further development ‘Velbekomme’ is translated in a different and more artistic direction capturing a modern atmosphere of food, eating and dining. 


The project raises questions about food waste and consumptions, emphasizing the complexity and challenges with waste and at the same time the high demand on food.


Cecilie is challenging the notions of the use of reused and recycled materials by using her craft to carry out the storytelling of a project, suggesting new possible forms and values for this “material” and its application - combining function, beauty and sustainability.


‘Velbekomme’ involves experimental approaches to raw and unexpected materials which all essentially can be eaten. This is shown through the two projects “Fish Skin” and “The Edible Lace”. 

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