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Interior design and decoration for restaurant & Rudolph 


In March 2018, a new restaurant opened up in Østerbro in Copenhagen. Cecilie was commissioned to create some bespoke artwork, customized for the restaurant, and to help with the visual identity and decoration of the restaurant.


She created a signature curtain with laser cut-outs that functions as a room divider for private parties, and creates the most stunning reflection on the wall. Additionally, she created printed dining tables, two large images of food patterns and wall hangers embellished with dyed caviar beads picturing foods such as fish, cabbage and turnips. The combination of textiles and materials gives the restaurant a very living atmosphere, and creates a place where guest can enjoy both food and interior. 



Having previously experimented with Food Patterns and Food as an Image, Cecilie was able to take on the project as an extension of her experiments on combining food and textiles to create a unique and surprising design. The mix of food and textuality gives a playful and appealing feeling that invites the viewer to look closer on the designs on the wall, the curtain or the table. 


& Rudolph

Restaurant interior and decoration, 2018


Classensgade 11a, 2100 København Ø

Photo by Per krogh 

Photo by Per krogh 

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