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A Christmas print for Rudolph Care


The skin care brand Rudolph Care, founded by Cecilies sister, Andrea, approached Cecilie with a request to create the brand’s annual Christmas print – to be applied onto a limited edition Body Lotion, a limited edition Acai Body Balm and limited edition Christmas gift boxes.


It is not the first time that the sisters join professional forces - see also Rudolph Sun and Rudolph Sun Kids.


Rudolph Care

Christmas print


Read more about the project here (Danish only)


During an initial briefing, a selection of key words was thrown on the table – words such as ‘glow’, ‘layering’, ‘skin’, ‘Acai berries’ and ‘Amazonas’ stood out in particular. 


The colours of the print were chosen with inspiration from Rudolph Care's signature colour scheme, and especially from the rich colour of the Acai berry.  

Sustainability is also a key characteristic for Rudolph Care, and a crucial part of the brand's DNA. Therefore, it was important that the boxes were designed in such a way that they could live on after Christmas as well, and not just go out with the trash.

The boxes are produced from 100% recyclable materials, they are marked with the Nordic Swan Eco Label and they are manufactured in Denmark. 


The layering element was important to Andrea, as it reflects the way you apply Rudolph Care products. Additionally, it also reflects Cecilie’s process of creating a print – in general as well as for this particular print. On the first layer, Cecilie researches the wants and needs of the client. On the next layer, she experiments with various ideas, sketches and mark-making. Following that, the research and the experiments are combined into various design suggestions which, on the final layer, results in a print for the client.


The mark-making experiments in this project, were created with tissue papir. The transparency of the tissue paper provides the feeling of multiple layers, texture and has an organic feel.

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