Cecilie was asked to design a special Christmas motif for the Danish interior and design store Stilleben for the Christmas of 2017. The motif was designed for a magic gift-wrapping kit and Stilleben's Christmas tote bag, both sold exclusively in Stilleben's two shops in the heart of Copenhagen. 

As an addition to the Christmas collaboration, Cecilie's motif was printed and showcased in the windows of both stores creating a fine and sparkling Christmas feeling. 


The motif named Filigran is originally drawn by hand by Cecilie, and is an assemblage of Cecilie's own Christmas association - ranging from Christmas trees, delicate snowflakes, Christmas stars, bows and hearts. Cecilie's initial inspiration for the motif was found in an old Gustav Klimt gift-wrapping paper and in the colours and stripes of hard candy from the old Danish candy factory Sømods Bolscher. The Filigran motif was for the Stilleben Christmas tote printed in silver on a dark blue cotton tote bag and was in the gift-wrapping paper printet in two variants, purple and mustard yellow and vintage rose and forest green. 



December 2017

Photo by Per krogh