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A unique collaboration between father and daugther


A collection of bespoke, unique & handcrafted lamps made in collaboration with Cecilie’s father, Andreas Rudolph - the man behind AJR Keramik. Their love and passion for handcrafts, colors and art is combined in this collaboration. Cecilie has created the lamp shades , while Andreas has created the various lamp stands. The lamp stands are made with the incredible Raku technique, which gives them a very unique expression.

The Lamp Collection is an ongoing collaboration. So far, it consists of 'The Fairy Collection, ‘The Sculptural Collection’, ‘The Lace Collection’ and ‘The Pleated Collection’. All lamps are one-of-a-kind and was launched during the ‘3 Days of Design’ in Copenhagen in May 2018. 

The lamps can be purchased here.

Fairy Lamp No. 5 - Styled image 7.jpg
Petite Lace Lamp medium No. 2_1.jpg
The Sculptural Lamp No. 2_1.jpg
CER sommerhus-315.jpg
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