‘Food as an Image’ is a collection of printed and experimental textile designs used in multiple settings such as fashion, interior and set design. The playful and diverse approach to the theme takes its inspiration from within her own heritage of Danish food and dining culture. It is translated and interpreted through its expression of textures, forms and colours into textile samples which is then brought together with effectual techniques to create a unique and surprising design. Thus, the project combines two of Cecilie’s great passions: i.e. food and textiles.


Some of the prints can be purchased as gift wrapping and gift cards on the webshop. 


The inspiration behind the project was found in both national, regional, traditional as well as modern Danish dishes.

As an example, she was inspired by the colourful and decorative Danish open sandwich, “smørrebrød”, and the delicate and historically embossed “Go’ Råd” cookie (meaning good advice), which originates from the South of Jutland, where Cecilie grew up.

When looking at traditional dinning and table settings, the traditional Danish aesthetics, as seen cultivated in both Georg Jensen Damask as well as Royal Copenhagen, has also imprinted the projects' mood, colours and expression.


Cecilie’s choice of materials and techniques is determined by her inspiration source in order to create delicious and edible looking textiles. She makes subtle illusions of what is actually real food and what is not. Her textile designs thereby become a part of a complete food and eating experience.

A key element is her use of embellishment and finishing techniques to create innovative fabric surfaces. Cecilie came up with a new and experimental way of using Caviar Beads made from PVC in combination with print, dye and layering. The Caviar Beads has a powerful effect and awake the illusion of fish eggs as well as being tactile, creating depth and sear in connection with the fabrics.

With ‘Food as an Image’ she is combining Nordic aesthetics and simplicity with sophisticated couture elements brought together in a modern, playful and stylish interplay.

Photo by Per krogh