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Cecilie’s granddad became very fascinated and passionate about collecting stones, after visiting the Grand Canyon back in the 60’s.

Thus, in the summer of 2013, Cecilie went to visit the Grand Canyon to see for herself, and she too, was instantly drawn to and overwhelmed by the geological wonder. She was drawn to the many layers of evolution, visible in the beautiful red stones and impressive rock formations.


Inspired by the many layers in the Grand Canyon, Cecilie wanted to create some beautiful and interesting layers herself. The layers should tell, hide or reveal more than just one story – all within the same fabric.


Cecilie also found inspiration in her grandparents’ collection of postcards, photos and video footage from the Grand Canyon.


For this project, Cecilie explored the possibilities of the Devore printing technique. Thus, she approached the technique in a new and experimental way by using less traditional fabrics than velvet and satin.


Also, she explored the mix of different crafts and methods, such as hand painting, dying, UV-printing and sublimation as well as pleats and embellishment with caviar beads.

Grand Canyon


The river has carved its way.

Left is nothing,

but stones.

Small stones,

Large stones,

Edgy stones,

Rounded stones.

All, part of the bigger picture.

Of the earth.

Full of colours to be explored

And stories to be told.

Past-Present-Future Stones

The Grand Canyon.


Enjoy the view.

Photo by Per krogh 

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