Exhibition 'Our Scissors', Design Museum Helsinki


In 2017, Fiskars celebrated the 50th year anniversary of the orange-handled scissor, that was designed and developed by industrial designer Olof Bäckström in 1967. This iconic orange-handled scissor became the world's first scissor with plastic handles, and is today found everywhere, from private homes to offices and design schools. 


On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, Fiskars invited selected artists and designers from around the world to exhibit their individual art piece inspired by the orange scissor, as an object, by their orange colour or by their functions of cutting. The exhibition titled 'Our Scissors' took place at the Design Museum Helsinki in September 2017. 

The print can be purchased as a postcard on the webshop. 


Cecilie's inspiration behind the art piece Beta-Carotene created for Our Scissors, comes from her passion for textiles, print and food. Different Nordic and Finnish raw food ingredients make up a deliciously tempting pattern that aims to the observer's perception of the immediate and ignite the imagination and curiosity of the observer. 

The abstract pattern consists of parts that might not be fully recognizable at first, but once the observer looks closer it appears that the pattern is made of fresh greens.  

Taking point of departure in the colour in Fiskar's iconic orange scissor, Cecilie has played with greens and fruit abundant with beta-carotene, a red-orange pigment.



Our Scissors, Design Museum Helsinki 2017

Photo by Per krogh