In 2015 Georg Jensen Damask was set to relaunch the iconic Dandelion table cloth originally designed by John Becker in 1972. As part of the relaunch campaign, Georg Jensen Damask offered their costumers to come and get a new Dandelion table cloth in exchange only for their old Dandelions and a story about a special moment or an occasion in which the table cloth played a central part.


The response was overwhelming, and George Jensen Damask received more than 200 dusty Dandelions – all representing a very special and deep-rooted Danish dining tradition. 


Cecilie came to Georg Jensen Damask with the idea to showcase the people’s stories in an artistic and historical exhibition.


The stories that people shared with Georg Jensen Damask all evolved around dinners in which friends and families gathered to spend time together (samvær in Danish) to share a delicious meal or a good cup of coffee.


Thus, based on the campaign, Cecilie decided to interpret the many stories, with the goal to balance the past, the present and the future of “the Dandelion”. She was inspired by the weave and craftsmanship of the table cloth and, of course, the many stories people had told.


The pop-up exhibition moves in the intersection between art, design and textile, and showcases a specific example of how to turn +200 70’s cloths into an exciting and innovative look inside the homes, stories and traditions of the Danes. With the exhibition, another layer – another weave – is added to the stories that we share.


The use and expression of the cloth is interpreted in the All-in-One room which was fully covered in the Dandelion cloth. The memories of Georg Jensen Damask’s customers where expressed through various table settings and decorations – still, all covered in the Dandelion.


Georg Jensen Damask 

September 2015

Photo by Per krogh