ELLE Style Awards was held for the first time in Denmark in 2013. The award show is internationally renowned, and many of the total 46 ELLE-countries put on the show every year.


ELLE Style Awards is famous for its’ complete visual themes, and this year, they asked Cecilie to create the theme print. The ELLE-team wished for the theme print to express the colourful and amusing atmosphere of the 1930’s cabaret. Thus, Cecilie wanted to create an alluring print filled with decadence and volume for the viewer to explore.


Tons of ostrich feathers graces the print throughout and gives the print a strong reference to the cabaret atmosphere, to Paris and to Art Nouveau. Also, decadent paper fans add a bit of edge to the otherwise soft, delicate and light feathers. The print also holds a reference to the jungle, which is mainly expressed through the banana leaves.


At a first glance, it is not necessarily unambiguous whether one is looking at a leaf or a feather. Thus, it is not until one allows oneself to observe the print more thoroughly that the many layers and details can all be discovered. This gives the print life, and it sparks the curiosity for the on-looker.

The print can be purchased as a decorative wall hanger in a delicate fabric on the webshop. 


All the motifs in the print are made with various drawing- and print techniques. This gives the print variation and character. The motifs are all drawn and painted by hand, and it was the goal that the handmade feel should be expressed in the final print. Thus, it adds something incredibly beautiful to the aesthetics, and furthermore, it also expresses the way in which Cecilie works.

The print was showcased in a multiple of settings at ELLE Style Awards, thanks to the many sponsors at the event. 


Furthermore, Cecilie collaborated with the department store, Magasin, on creating kimonos and gift wrapping with the print. 



May 2017


Photo by Per krogh