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In connection to ELLE Style Awards, Cecilie approached Magasin with a proposition of taking part in a collaboration, using the Cabarelle print on various items, to sell in Magasin’s department stores. The thought behind the collaboration, emerged from the desire to encourage more people to take part in the ELLE Style Awards festivities, and not limit it to those with an invitation or a ticket. Furthermore, the collaboration with Magasin (a department store located in more cities in Denmark) meant that customers and readers of ELLE Magazine, living outside of Copenhagen, would be able to get their hands on the print.

The collaboration ended up excisting of a Kimono and gift wrapping.


The Cabarelle print is created so that it can work on numerous materials in various settings, as it was the case at ELLE Style Awards. The idea of using the print on a kimono was a perfect way of making the print come to life. A kimono in itself, expresses perfectly the decadence of cabaret, and it is seducing and elegant, all at the same time. Just like the Cabarelle print.

The idea of making gift wrapping, was also inspired by the theme and atmosphere of the event. Besides being about ‘jungle’ and ‘cabaret’, ELLE Style Awards is about celebrating and partying. And with celebrations often comes gifts, and those gifts, of course, need to be stylish just like oneself.


In connection to the idea of ’bringing the party to the public’ Magasin arranged a series of events taking place in Magasin in Aarhus, Lyngby and Copenhagen. Here, Cecilie was invited to speak about her print and the inspiration behind it. Furthermore, Cecilie presented numerous examples of how to wrap up and decorate presents, in the limited Cabarelle gift wrapping.



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